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Post by +haRdRic on Thu Jun 18, 2009 8:54 pm

MODERATOR RuLES AND POLICY1.dont banned w/o reason.. so pls banned w/ warning
2.protect your moderator acount password and dont give to anyone..
3.always log out your moderator acount every time you go out and after you using your computer...
you banned someone pls post your reason to our forum why you banned
them.. we want your explanation. our webmaster dont want to have a rude
and abuse moderators here in our WEBSITE Click Me
5.moderator using her power
for tripping or using her mod power becoz he/she is not in the mood and
not following RULES i will demote it immediately.
6.Respect other members if u want to respect too as a MODERATORS. specialy also to CO ADMINS AND ALL STAFF


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